When his wife became pregnant with identical twins, Brian Oen had a decision to make…

Fortunately, events from his middle school years would bring things into clear focus, and he instantly knew what he had to do. He left an impressive corporate position in the real estate title search world to become… self employed.

Brian was raised in the Orlando area, with his parents and two siblings. He later moved to Gainesville for college, but it was perhaps his middle school years that would prove to be the most impressionable. First, he remembered a conversation with his father, where he learned for the first time that the most wealthy people in the world owned real estate. He never forgot it. He also recalls going to the arcade with five dollars his parents had given him. When the money ran out, they refused to give him more, regardless of his persistence. So he offered to do chores around the house to make money, which led to mowing grass in the neighborhood. It was his first taste of how action turns into entrepreneurship, and the opportunities it can bring.


While in college, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to start a beer delivery business. He further expanded the business idea to include sponsor logos on the beer kegs they delivered. But when he was approached to join the nation’s largest independent real estate title search company, he knew he couldn’t refuse. He spent ten years working his way up the corporate ladder, and eventually became VP and Director of Operations, overseeing 150+ employees. Throughout that time, he also became skilled and successful at investing in real estate on the side, learning how to evaluate any property or area for top performance.

When his wife became pregnant with twins, the memories and dreams from his youth came flooding back. He had paid his corporate dues, and it was time to go all in as an entrepreneur, and take action to help other determined professionals grow their entire real estate portfolio and wealth using the expertise, experience and success from his own investing. That’s how he became known as the Action Agent.


Today, Brian uses his exclusive 360 approach to help his clients with their personal home, commercial space, and income producing properties. He has a genuine interest and determination to help his clients take action to grow their wealth through real estate. In fact, he has built an Action Team, dedicated to exhausting every effort to locate the perfect opportunities for investors. He’s also the founder of Gainesville’s Real Estate Investors Association and shares a Market Action Update every Tuesday to keep his clients informed.

When Brian isn’t taking action to help his clients reach their goals, he and his family stay active camping, boating, golfing, skiing, or at the beach. He loves the entrepreneurial life, and the freedom and richness it brings to both his clients and his family. And it all started with a memory, and a decision to take action. As Mark Twain said, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started”.