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Whether you’re expanding your real estate portfolio or looking to get started with income-producing property, let your resources do the work while building your wealth. Brian Oen is a seasoned investor and experienced real estate agent, and he is able to navigate the real estate market to secure the best deals and find the most lucrative investment opportunities across the state of Florida. Partner with Brian Oen Group to experience our 360-degree approach to real estate investment. With an expansive inventory of wholesale and off-market deals you’ll have access to properties you won’t find anywhere else.

Everyone has different goals when investing, and we listen to your needs to tailor a personal strategy to meet your goals. With a fierce dedication to locating the perfect real estate investment opportunities for each and every one of our clients, you can trust that we will match you with the best deals.


Getting Started In Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing is a fantastic way to subsidize your income, build your portfolio, and accrue wealth — and it’s easy to get started. Whether you’re looking to buy residential property to rent, to flip a home, or to explore your options, Brian Oen can match an investment strategy to your portfolio and your goals — giving you helpful insight every step of the way.

Brian is a real estate agent and seasoned investor. He uses his expertise to help clients expand their portfolio and make the best investment decisions. When you work with The Oen Group you not only find the greatest wholesale and off-market deals to maximize your returns, you also get expert guidance on making the most out of your real estate portfolio.

Take the intimidation out of investing.
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For Seasoned Investors

You’ve got the capital and the expertise to make a smart investment — now you just need to find the deals. Brian Oen curates off-market, wholesale, and distressed properties perfect for investors hunting for the best deals available.

From commercial spaces to multi-family complexes and everything in between, Brian can help you navigate the North Central Florida real estate market to net the most lucrative possible deal.


Hard & Private Money Lending

Fast. Flexible. Easy approval.

Whether you’re looking for a short term loan to fund projects, renovations, prevent foreclosure, or more, Brian can offer the collateral-based short term loans. Avoid lengthy, stringent loan application processes reserved for longer-term loans and secure the funds you need today.

Real Estate Investment Case Studies


Wholesale Real Estate

Brian and his team are your best resource for off-market and distressed real estate, whether you’re looking to buy in Gainesville, North Central Florida, or beyond. With handpicked off-market, distressed property, and wholesale deals available, they offer clients the most lucrative real estate investment opportunities.

Whether you want to flip a house or just want to buy property below market value, Brian has the inventory you need. Find your next investment today.


House Flipping

Diversify your portfolio with a high-return house flip. House flipping can be a fun and lucrative short term investment or a highly profitable business. To make the most out of your flip, you need to find the right deal and the best tools to maximize your returns.

Brian Oen connects you to the greatest off-market deals to help you make the most of your flip. As a seasoned investor and real estate agent, Brian has the expertise to find the greatest deals and smartest investments to set you up for success.

Take the guesswork out of house flipping. Work with Brian and his team today to boost your portfolio and make the most significant return on your investment.