Make A Profit In Real Estate Without The Heavy Lifting


Off-market distressed properties make for the best flips and the biggest returns on investment.


I see a potential downturn in the market on the horizon, so I want to go out and find private money lenders to invest in my investment strategy for 2021.

The reason that I am personally going to be raising private capital is because I want to increase the amount of volume that I'm working with. Most of the largest investors in the country do not use their own money to purchase investment property, whether they're using it for fix and flip or, or for a rental property. By raising capital I can flip more properties, creating better opportunities for my team and my investors.

Private money is a great avenue for new investors and experienced investors to start or grow their investment property portfolios. On one hand, while the concept is fairly simple, the details can be quite involved. That’s why I get excited to share my knowledge, network with professionals, and find amazing real estate opportunities.


Interested in investing your private money but don't know where to start? Check out the video below or contact me to learn more!