Private Money Lending: One of the easiest and least time consuming ways to make a profit with real estate.


Avoid the risk and volatility of the stock market — make the switch to real estate investments.

Private money lending is a stable and secure way to grow your capital through real estate investing. Basically, your private money speeds up the repair of a distressed home, which can be sold on the market for a profit. Personal loan options span from short-term investments of three to six months to longer commitments and offer competitive interest rates ranging from 8-12 percent!


The best part? Acquisition, repairs, and sales are all left up to the real estate investor, allowing you to sit back, relax, and watch your money grow.


Private Money Lending Benefits

  • Short-term investment period of three to six months
  • Long-term investment options for greater returns
  • Competitive interest rate of 8-12 percent
  • Investment portfolio growth


Brian Oen has partnered with MVP group to find distressed properties at a competitive rate, many of which are never listed on the market. With a proven track record of successful flips and big-ticket deals, you can be confident that Brian Oen will help you grow your investments.


Learn more about private money lending or get started today by contacting Brian Oen.